God's Mercy Now

What to expect from this website

Although this website was designed especially for Catholics, I hope that any Christians who want to increase their faith, deepen their spirituality, and pray more profoundly will find many helps here.   

Be sure to visit the RECOMMENDED LINKS page for many additional sites which provide instruction, guidance in prayer, spiritual reading, devotions, music, etc.

In MY STORY, and JOURNAL 2010 I am trying to share very honestly my own spiritual journey, expressing whatever the Holy Spirit gives me to share with you.  I can only pray that some of my reflections touch your heart and soul and lead you deeper into a love relationship with God as you know and experience Him.  If you want to comment, use the BLOG page.  I'd love to hear your insights on topics discussed on my site.


This mage of Christ, the Divine Mercy,  was painted in response to Jesus' request of St. Faustina.  The rays  represent the Mercy of Jesus which he told her he wants everyone in the world to seek in the end times.

I often think my vocation is to PRAISE MERCY, because His Mercy to me has been so powerful.


  The  small logo at the top of the page is the Sacred Heart from a wonderful icon of Jesus. You'll find references to fathers  of the early Church, the Eastern Orthodox churches of the Byzantine rite, for example, and their music on this site. 

Even the Ethiopian Orthodox (Catholic) church of Africa is represented here in their wonderful liturgical music. 



Reflecting on the SACRED SHROUD OF TURIN and the INCORRUPTIBLES did so much to build my faith when it was practically nonexistent.  Be sure to view these pages  and see the video on "Iconography and the Sacred Shroud of Turin."

Increase your understanding of basic theology using the aids found on this site:  a CATHOLIC TREASURY of basic writings, and writings of the DESERT FATHERS are located on the JESUS PRAYER page.  The RECOMMENDED LINKS page is divided into sections with descriptions which reveal the content of each website.  Some of these sites are truly awesome and inspiring.  If you use a search engine, you can search:  "Catholic websites" or "Catholic blogs"--you will be amazed at what you find. 

I use my own website like a homebase for reading, reflection, prayer [ I love the Liturgy of the Hours--psalm and scripture based prayer for the whole year ] .  I also have my own little library of spiritual books and, of course, Sacred Scripture.